Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day Two: Time Lords, Sexy Art, and Exciting Late-Night Stalker Quests

Another day, another five billion topics to cover. Let's get this party started!
First off: Time Lords. (well mostly Time TRAVEL.)
Hank mentioned in his video such things as wormholes, the Grandfather Paradox, Time Travel, ect. I followed his thoughts as best I could. And I agree with him (and Doctor Who) on pretty much everything. So, my question is, what do YOU think? (I know. No one is reading this. Do you see me caring?)

Secondly, Sexy Art! Just a quick thing. I drew an AMAZING (and sexy) drawing today. I love to draw, but I have issues proportioning my people well. But today, I achieved my goal quite well! You get a glimpse of "Adrian" in my video so go lookie!

Finally: Stalking. And exciting news, but whatever. If you follow me on Twitter (again. I know. No one. Shush.) you'll have noticed that last night's posts were mostly "@realjohngreen HI!" and "@maureenjohnson HI!"
I stalked them RELENTLESSLY. They're both amazing, and I know I probably made them want to rip out all their hair and beat me with a stick... and I feel guilty now for being so obnoxious. BUT my labors (HA) paid off, because Maureen wrote me back finally! It took about two or so hours of spam, but I am so excited I would have screamed if it weren't midnight.

Am I obsessive and creepy beyond reason? Yes, why yes I am.
Anyway, I guess I'll see you tomorrow, eh?
(Psst. I might post some stuff on my other blog so go over there and follow me, okay?!)


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