Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Unadulterated fail

Obviously, my BEDA blog failed.

BUT next year, I swear it'll be better.

Maybe I'll even get some followers!

In the meantime, please check out my normal blog for more awesome. Okay?



  1. Hey there! I've read a few of your last posts, and they are made of awesome. I just saw that our blog got a new follower, other than someone we actually know :(, and I followed a link to get to your blog. I read your profile as well as your posts and went, "OMG!!! This person loves dragons, bikes rides, and is a nerdfighter too!!!" and I wanted to say hello. :) The follower on our blog is listed as "Audwee" by the way; I wasn't sure if that was you. Hope to comment again soon!!!

    P.S. You should post way more often than every day in April, so lifeless people like me have a chance to read more posts. :)

    ~Nerdette Ari (and Nerdette Blinda in spirit)

  2. Hey there, please take a sec and sign my petition, which is linked on my blog, asking the Canadian government to include animal rights in the constitution. And ask others to sign too:)