Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's April Seventh! Do YOU know where your BEDA blog is?

I wish I had known on April First that BEDA would be a super-awesome thing I'd be dying to become a part of.
Oh, well! Better late than never!
I'm fairly sure the only requirement is to blog every day. Is there a specific length required?
If so, please allow this rant.

People are so ridiculously idiotic sometimes. It would be laughable if it weren't so infuriating. Perfect example is this girl who says, in a blog entry, that she is resolving to be "nice to people whether or not she likes them" and to be "a nicer person". Next blog entry? An letter chock-full of f-bombs stating how this other girl girl is "such a bitch" who is a loser and "only has horses for friends" and "just WISHES she was cool enough to smoke pot". My only views after reading this are, "what kind of 'nice person' would EVER say something like that, especially on the internet?"

I don't get how people actually think that they are such smart, kind individuals that every one obviously would adore when they say that sort of thing! Not to mention, how she cussed this other girl out for calling her a "pot-head" ("you sound like a noob, it's called a stoner."). I hate to break it to you, but honestly it doesn't matter what it's called. Smoking pot is not "cool" and anyone with a brain knows that.

It gets me so angry. And the BEST part was that the "letter" was so poorly written. If you're going to be a complete jerk, at least be an intelligent one. But using an excessive amount of swearing (i.e. F*ck yooooouuuu) only makes you seem more incompetent, because really, that's the worst comebackless comback I've ever heard.

But at the end, I nearly laughed. Because it was signed, "Good residence".

Oh, you irritating person who shall remain anonymous...


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